Christmas Decorations from all over Europe!

The Christmas decorations that we received from all the other schools in participating in this project were used to decorate our very own European Christmas tree.

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We would like to thank all those who sent us decorations and greetings and we look forward to working on this project again in the future.


Christmas Came Early…

Christmas came a bit early to our school this year. We just received your Christmas Tree decorations and what a surpise…

Here are some pics…

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A big “thank you” to all our friends from Europe! Tomorrow we shall finally decorate our Christmas Tree with all your decorations, right in time for our Christmas concert!

In the meantime, our Christmas Tree decorations are on their way. We hope you enjoy them!

Il-Milied it-Tajjeb

Here’s a Christmas greeting in Maltese for you!

Il-Milied it-Tajjeb 2

That is Maltese for Happy Christmas. It actually means “a good Christmas” and is the most common Christmas greeting in our language.

So, il-Milied it-Tajjeb to all of you out there!



Early December is the time to plant Ġulbiena, or vetches. This is planted in containers filled with cotton wool and placed in a cupboard or other dark place. It is watered regularly and then placed round a small statuette of Baby Jesus that is usually displayed prominently in most homes over the Christmas period.

This is the ġulbliena planted by Year 5 Sharks. It has been growing steadily for the past weeks.



To learn more about vetches, please look here.